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Americana Outdoors’ commercial division provides businesses, schools, and parks with the products needed to provide this shelter, offering a full range of standard and custom projects. 

One of our most simple products, the Imperial Canopy, protects doorways and sidewalks all over the country. You have undoubtedly seen an Imperial Canopy protecting a Jimmy Johns, a UPS Store, or TJ Maxx in your hometown. The simple hangar rod design of the Imperial makes it a sleek, modern addition to any business and ensures customers will get the best possible experience.

Enjoying time outdoors with family and friends in the park almost happens under the shelter of a gazebo or other shelter, which is why Americana has been providing park shelters for over sixty years. We offer gable roof, flat roof, and nearly any number of posts to add the ideal amount of shelter to any park. Our patented “W” roofing panel spans greater distance than competitors, allowing for more shelter with less structure, keeping outdoor spaces as undisturbed as possible.

Our gable roof shelters have uses beyond simple park shelters though, they are also perfect for protecting walkways at your business or school. With custom sizing and post numbers available, our project managers are able to create a cover for any walkway, allowing you to protect employees walking between buildings, customers waiting in line, or anyone else who finds themselves at your business.

With this full array of products, Americana Outdoors lives up to our promise of providing the elements for life outside, ensuring our customers are able to enjoy their time spent outdoors to the fullest extent.

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