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When you attend a sporting event, there are many small things you take for granted: basketball hoops, dugout benches, trash cans, even the bleachers where you sit. Americana’s two-sport and site divisions, PW Athletic and LA Steelcraft, take pride in continuing to provide quality equipment for both athletes and spectators, as they have for over 100 years.

Our sport and site offerings for on the field play range from soccer goals to baseball bases. We manufactured any infrastructure needed to play both court and field sports in a wide variety of models tailored to your budget. Whether you are purchasing an economy line soccer goal or a top of the line adjustable volleyball net, our quality manufacturing and industry-leading warranty guarantee a product that will last for years of play.

Even as we produce high-quality products for on the field, we acknowledge equipping off the field is just as important. This is why we spend so much time perfecting benches, tables, bleachers, and other products for your sporting site. Our catalog includes numerous designs of multiple seating options, with matching trash receptacles, tables, benches, and more available.

With this full array of products, Americana Outdoors lives up to our promise of providing the elements for life outside, ensuring our customers are able to enjoy their time spent outdoors to the fullest extent.

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