Door Canopy Kit

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Aluma Vent

Aluma Vent awnings are contemporary in design with the vertical lines of today’s homes. With Aluma Vent awnings a home looks larger and more luxurious than a similar home without these highly attractive awnings. One look tells the story – its quality is obvious. Outstanding Protection The Aluma Vent awning is light, yet shuts out heat and keeps homes cooler. It also wards off rain. Because windows stay dry longer, window cleaning is less frequent. Usually you can even leave windows open during a spring…

Mansard Awning & Door Canopy

The Mansard Door Canopy blocks the sun’s rays from your home, and protects your window treatments, carpets, and furniture. Its environmentally green design has an Ultra Cool coating that reflects the heat. This heavy-duty awning is built to last and will provide years of sun protection. More Information: Awning Measuring Guide Mansard Awning Brochure  

Overhead Support Canopies

  Projections are available from 4′ to 10′. Widths are available in increments equal to the selected roof panel size. Three roof panel widths are available: 8″, 10″, and 24″. Extruded aluminum gutter is 6-1/2″ tall, with a 3-1/2″ wide gutter. Gutter is present on all four sides of the cover. Water can be relieved at the wall with optional downspout kits or at the front with scuppers. Overhead steel braces are powder coated and mount to the wall. See below for overhead brace specifications.…

Ozark Door Canopy

Ozark door canopy feature rust-free aluminum construction. The durable baked-on finish is maintenance-free. 10″ wide V panels made of stucco embossed aluminum are available in white or ivory. Extruded aluminum gutter and side trim in white, wicker, clay, ivory, tan, green or bronze. Kit includes 1-1/2″ square aluminum arm braces which mount under front gutter. Installation is fast and easy with the pre-cut and pre-drilled components.