700 Series Railings

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700 Series Railing can be found where a touch of elegance, function and security are a must. This maintenance-free fencing is an excellent choice for perimeter and pool fencing, as well as dividers on residential, commercial, institutional, multi-housing and municipal installations.

Superior Picket Fence utilizes all the advan- tages of aluminum – strong, durable, and rust- and corrosion-free. These characteristics make it a practical, sound investment for the budget-minded buyer.

The smart, contemporary design is an added plus. Our unique, no-weld design utilizes simple, cast aluminum fittings or machined openings for a no-hassle, easy installation.

To make our fencing even more versatile, cast aluminum ornaments, inserts and scrolls are available to mount on top of posts and on pickets for a custom decorative appearance.

Superior Picket Fence comes with 2”, 21/2” or 4” square posts and 3/4” square pickets with a formed spear, a cast spear or a flat top. Options for picket spacing include 3”, 41/2” or 6” centers, as well as custom spacing.

Superior fencing comes in standard 6’ lengths, as well as custom lengths, in 2, 3 or 4-line styles. Ordering standard 6’ lengths reduces lead times and cost.

Fencing is also available in any height. Standard heights include 60” and 72”. For heights above 60”, 3 or 4-line styles are recommended.

Series 700 Railing and Fence is not only easy to assemble and install, but the machined post openings and factory assembled sections facilitate quick turn-around and cost savings.

All posts are machined with openings to receive top and bottom rails. If the fence is angled vertically or horizontally, specify the angle so the proper openings can be machined into the post. As assembled fence is inserted into the openings, rail wedges located in the top and bottom rails will ensure proper insertion of 11/4” inside the post.

If a fence section or sections need to be shortened, simply saw an equal amount from each rail end with the use of a miter or circular saw. Reinstall and tighten the rail wedge using an 1/8” Allen Wrench on both the top and bottom rails so 11/4” protrudes through the post openings.

For securing a corner or end post, a screw is provided for each rail wedge to prevent the post from moving outward.