900 Series Railings

900, 950, and 990 Series railings meets OSHA and BOCA safety criteria. The 950 Series also meets ADA regulations.

Available in four style options and satin anodized, white, almond, sandstone, light bronze, dark bronze, green, brown, and black finishes.

900 Series

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The 900 Series has well-crafted, clean lines and fits almost any commercial or residential building application. It’s beauty, strength, and durability will compliment your construction ideas.

950 Series

The 950 Series was developed to meet local, state, and federal codes requiring ADA regulations and guidelines. The narrowed 2″ maximum top rail on the 950 Series allows for a normal grip on ramps, stairs, or on horizontal railing, and still maintains a pleasing and aesthetic look.

Use on office buildings, commercial applications, hospitals, industrial, and educational environments, as well as apartments and homes.

990 Series

The 990 Series rivals the look of painted wood, but has the no-maintenance qualities of aluminum. Best of all, it won’t split, warp, or rot due to rain, ice, sun, or other outside elements.

The 990 Series, with its smooth, rugged, and functional design, has depth and detail with instant curb appeal.