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Americana’s roll-up curtains let the sun shine in during the day, but provide a sense of privacy in the evening.

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Roll Up Curtain

FEATURES: Max unit size: 4’ – 20’ wide, 4’ – 12’ height. Aluminum mounting frame, white. Extruded aluminum 2” weight tube. Rope and pulley operation FABRIC OPTIONS: Sunbrella® tight weave fabric – 10 year limited warranty (Water repellent) Textilene® open weave fabric – 10 year limited warranty (Not water repellent)  

RT3 Outdoor Shades

Choose from two outdoor fabrics: Sunbrella; awning material offers the look and feel of canvas with the durability of acrylic. Water repellant. Available in over 140 colors. Textilene; open-weave fabric filters up to 94% of UV rays, yet allows light through. Not water repellant. 9 color choices. Window shades include a 3-1/2″ extruded aluminum roller tube and cast aluminum components. Operate with your choice of a Somfy motor or hand crank with heavy duty gear box. Curtains are sewn with Tenera® thread by Gore-Tex® to…

Rapid Roll Curtains

    Rapid roll curtains can be used outdoors. Components include an extruded aluminum roller bar 2″, wall brackets of cast aluminum are 3.35″ tall x 3.5″ projection, pulley system which can be mounted on left or right side and an aluminum wall cleat. Fabric sewn with Tenera thread by Gore-Tex to prevent unraveling seams from deteriorated threads. Choose from four outdoor fabrics: Sunbrella awning material offers the look and feel of canvas with the durability of acrylic. Water repellant. Available in over 140 colors.…

Tips to Enhance the Long Life and Good Looks of Fabric Awnings

  • Keep your awnings clean by rinsing every month or so with a garden hose. Do this on a hot sunny day to speed drying.
  • Clean underside of your awnings by brushing with a clean household broom.
  • Keep shrubs and vines away from the awnings. They may contain acid, which can harm the fabric.
  • Do not fold or roll awnings in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Do not get insect spray on the fabric.
  • Do not allow water to stand on the awning.
  • Do not force awnings when raising or lowering them.
  • Do not use your charcoal grill underneath an awning.
  • Do not store awnings when they are damp.
  • Remove leaves, twigs, etc. quickly to prevent stains.

Fabric Cleaners

Step 1 - 303 Fabric Cleaner

Designed to safely remove whatever Mother Nature and air pollution can drop onto awnings. Rinse awning with water. Use 1/2 cup or more cleaner in 1 gallon of warm water. Spray or brush on. Allow to penetrate. Brush with a soft brush, rinse thoroughly. For heaiver soils, increase brushing and soak time. Rinse thoroughly to remove soil and cleaning agent. Allow to air dry. It’s now time to retreat with a fabric guard.

Step 2 - 303 Fabric Guard

Apply every 1-3 years to renew the water repellent finish of your fabric. Reapply after every cleaning. Fabric should be thoroughly cleaned and dry. Spray until evenly wet overlapping spray area. Wait until dry to reuse awning. Apply to prevent soil and moisture from penetrating the fabric weave and make subsequent cleaning faster and easier

Gore-Tex® Thread

Whether it's your boat canvas, awning or other outdoor fabric structure, seam failure always results from thread that's adversly affected by the elements. Now that problem is solved forever.

Why does stitching fail?

Outdoor canvas is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, cleaning agents, pollution, saltwater and air, rain and snow. While these elements are detrimental to both the fabric and seam thread, the thread usually fails first. Polyester thread was traditionally used for sewing seams even though it would often need replacement every few years. Today the latest fabrics last 5 to 10 years. Why not have seams that last just as long?

Now there's Gore-Tex® sewing thread

This remarkable thread is manufactured from 100% expanded PTFE fiber, a unique form of PTFE known as Teflon®. Gore-Tex® sewing thread will not deteriorate from exposure to the elements. It's an ideal choice for sewing outdoor fabric products, because it's immune to ultraviolet degredation, the primary cause of seam failure.

The Gore-Tex® Guarantee

We know that Gore-Tex® sewing thread never fails due to exposure to the environment. We back up that claim with a full lifetime warranty. If the seams on your boat cover or awning fail before the end of the usual life of the fabric, we'll pay for the repair work.

Always ask for Gore-Tex® sewing thread

When it's time to restitch an awning or order a new boat cover or any other outdoor fabric product, request Gore-Tex® sewing thread.

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