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Yukon patio covers feature an exceptionally strong roof that doesn’t “ping” from the rain. Snap-together 3″ insulated panels, made from 0.024″ aluminum sheets laminated to a high-density polystyrene core, provide our strongest support and provide cooling shade from the hot summer sun.

The two-piece mounting rail allows the cover to float with freezing and thawing ground.

Extruded aluminum fascia trim is made to allow the attachment of a standard house gutter.

Choices for header beam which allows adjustable placement of posts include: 1) 3″ extruded aluminum box beam, 2) 8″ woodgrain embossed aluminum beam or 3) 3″ extruded L beam.

Other options include 1) factory installed electrical/fan support beam that is embedded in the roof panel. Run your wiring through the beam and attach a light or fan kit. 2) Decorative columns or 3″ square posts.

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