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Americana Outdoors specializes in creating elements for life outside: Shelters, Shade Structures, Sports Equipment, & Site Amenities. These different elements are handled by unique divisions of our company to provide the best customer experience. Americana Outdoors functions as a parent group and specializes in shade and shelter; Americana Industrial Finishing focuses on high-quality finishes for direct consumers and the other divisions of Americana Outdoors; PW Athletic provides athletic equipment and site furnishings nationwide, and LA Steelcraft concentrates on equipping west coast consumers with athletic equipment and site amenities.

 The multiple divisions of Americana Outdoors exemplify our company’s dedication to providing elements for life outside. Our customers can count on us to provide them with nearly any product they may need to enhance their outdoor experience, whether it be a window awning, a picnic shelter, or a soccer goal.

Americana Outdoors prides itself on selling products manufactured entirely in the United States. Our two manufacturing sites in Salem, Illinois, and Mesa, Arizona consistently give back to their respective communities by providing strong local job options and supporting the areas through service.

Americana Outdoors began as Hindman Manufacturing Co. In 1949, specializing in metal shade products. Rip Hindman, Hindman Manufacturing Co’s founder, ran the company until 1985 when the company came under Purcell family management and was soon renamed Americana Building Products. The Purcells imbued the company with strong family values and drive to diversify and expand.

This expansion began in 1991 with the purchase of Shelter Products Inc and was quickly followed by the purchase of Shade & Comfort in 1992. This allowed Americana Outdoors to expand its selection of products into commercial shelters and fabric shade offerings. Since then Americana Outdoors has become one of the most recognized and trusted brands across the awning and shelter industry.

Americana Outdoors further diversified in 1997 with the creation of Americana Industrial Finishing, a branch specializing in powder finishing and industrial liquid coatings. Americana Industrial Finishing boasts one of the largest blast chambers in North America, allowing for nearly any size project to be completed, from custom tire rims to commercial tankers.

Sensing further opportunity to expand business lines and offerings to customers, in 2013 Americana Outdoors purchased both PW Athletic and Patterson Williams. This branch of Americana Outdoors specializes in providing quality equipment for sports, playgrounds, and site amenities for schools and municipalities. This brand further expanded in 2019 with the purchase of LA Steelcraft, a California based provider of the same services, merging two of the oldest and most respected brands in the sport and site industry.

Throughout all our expansion, Americana Outdoors has maintained the same strong focus on family values and customer service, providing personalized attention to dealers, vendors, and direct purchasers alike. We are proud of the reputation we have built over many years of providing quality products and personal relationships with our customers and are excited to continue to do so, no matter where our growth takes us.

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