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Residential FAQs

Do you offer installation?

Installation is not a service offered directly from Americana Outdoors. However, there are many local reputable and associated sales and installation companies serving most locations throughout the country. To find local installation services please consult our dealer locator.

Is there a product dealer in my area?

Americana Outdoor has a large and well-equipped dealer network. Please consult our dealer locator for a dealer near you.

Are your products DIY friendly?

All of our products have detailed installation instructions. Making it easy for anyone to assemble and install our products. A full encyclopedia of our installation instructions can be found here.

Are your products pre-fabricated?

Yes. Americana Outdoor residential products are engineered, packaged, and delivered in pre-fabricated "kit" form.

Are you products in stock, or made-to-order?

The majority of our products are made-to-order, however, there are a few select door & window canopies that are in stock and ready to ship.

Do I need a permit to install your products on my home?

Local ordinances on residential improvements vary. A Building or Modification Permit may be required. Please check with your local authorities to understand the local requirements.

Do you engineer for snow & wind loads?

Yes, the majority of Americana Outdoor residential products are engineered to local snow and wind loads. However, for certain building code permits, additional engineering specs may be required. These can be purchased for an additional cost.

How is my shipment delivered?

Most window & door awnings will arrive via UPS. Larger products such as patio covers & carports may be delivered via a freight carrier.

How do I measure for a window awning?

Each of our window awning models have slight differences in design, please refer to the measuring guide link located on the specific product page.

How do I account for a door outswing when measuring?

A minimum of 7” is required above any out swinging door to mount a minimally sloping door awning or patio cover and maintain door clearance.

Can I return my order if I do not like it, or I change my mind?

Due to the custom-made nature of our products, Americana Outdoors cannot accept returns.

Can I walk on top of my patio cover or carport?

No, walking and/or standing on the individual roof panels will cause damage. If you must get on the top of your patio cover or carport, please contact AO for guidance.

Can I hang a light or fan on my patio cover?

Lights or fans should not be hung on a standard patio cover. Patio covers with appropriate bracing for lights and fans can be engineered and manufactured as custom structures by the request of the customer at point of quote and order.

Commercial Product FAQs

What are your color options?

Americana Outdoors provides a wide range of color and finish options. All of our options can be found here.

Are custom colors available for both roof panels and frames?

Yes. We offer a full RAL color pallette for our commercial roof panels and frames available at an up-charge cost.

Does Americana Outdoors provide a physical footing template with anchor bolt placement locations?

Anchor bolt placement is determined by the load requirements and reactions standards established when the shelter is designed and will vary depending on shelter size, type and load considerations such as snow, wind and more. The standard shelters utilize a single “hidden” anchor bolt located in the center of the post. On larger custom shelters a four-bolt base plate may be required. In both cases, Americana will provide the c/c measurements for the anchor bolts on the foundation layout.

Does Americana Outdoors provide anchor bolts?

Americana has anchor bolts in stock and available for purchase that work with our standard shelters. We can also facilitate acquisition of custom anchor bolts when required by engineering.

Does Americana Outdoors provide engineered footing specifications?

Americana Outdoors will provide a typical footing detail based on worse-case scenario soil conditions for a given location. These worse-case scenario footing details may be excessive for the actual application. For accurate footing/foundation design, a complete geotechnical report will be required and will incur additional fees. Footing details shown on the sealed engineered drawings must be followed as specified.

Does Americana Outdoors engineer to local wind and snow loads?

Americana Outdoors shelters are engineered to snow and wind load requirements specific to your installation’s geographical location. We use the International Building Code (IBC) as the guide to these requirements. An installation site address is required for all projects where engineer sealed drawings or calculations are necessary.

How close to the edge can post be placed?

Post placement is determined by the load requirements and reactions standards established when the shelter is designed and will vary depending on shelter size, type and load considerations such as snow, wind and more.

What is Americana Outdoors standard lead time for production?

Americana Outdoors standard shelter production lead time is 6 weeks from the time the completed order is received.

Can Americana Outdoors make provision for electrical wiring for lighting or other?

Yes, electrical cutouts and access holes can be provided if requested during the initial design and engineering phase of ordering.

Capacity of picnic tables and people under a shelter?

Space and seating capacity can be driven by numerous factors including seating style, table size and more. Theoretically, maximum capacity can be determined by dividing the shelter’s covered area by the required area for one table.

What are the warranties?

All of our warranty information can be found here.

What are the maintenance requirements?

Care and maintenance notes are included in the installation guidelines. These include: tighten loose nuts and bolts at all connections, repair damage to surface finish to prevent corrosion, replace lost or damaged fasteners or other parts, replace brittle or cracked sealer to prevent leaks, remove obstructions or build-up from gutters, eaves, and downspouts.

Can Americana Outdoors do custom designs?

Yes, Americana Outdoors is happy to work with you on custom design projects. Please consult with your Sales Manager.

Is a Building Permit required for a shelter installation?

Most of the time, a local Building Permit is required to erect a shelter. Please check with your local authorities to understand the local requirements prior to ordering.

Are Installation Instructions included?

Standard Installations Instructions for the model type are included. ‘Shop Drawings’, the detailed blueprints used for manufacturing can be included for a small additional administrative fee. These drawings may be very useful in the assembly of custom and semi-custom structures. Engineering Stamped Drawings are also available for a small additional administrative fee. These drawings are standard engineering drawings with a Certified Structural Engineers Stamp verifying compliance with local standards. These drawings are frequently required for permitting.

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