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Buying an Americana Outdoors Inc shelter just became easier by utilizing the BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative.

BuyBoard National Cooperative recently announced that they have awarded Americana Outdoors Inc the 679-22 Parks and Recreation Equipment, Products, and Installation Services contract. Americana products are now available for purchase through this contract, making the process from concept to finalized project even easier. 


What is BuyBoard?

The BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative is a cooperative formed by governmental entities to streamline the buying process for public schools, municipalities, and other governmental entities. Developed to assist members in complying with their purchasing legal requirements, BuyBoard vendors have been awarded contracts for products and services through a competitive procurement process, thereby giving members the opportunity for bulk discounts, combined with the ease of online, web-based shopping.

Americana Outdoors, Inc offers a 3% discount to BuyBoard members.


Who Can Join BuyBoard?

Generally, publicly funded schools, colleges and governmental organizations are allowed to become BuyBoard members. This includes local, municipal and county government agencies. Churches, private and charter schools, daycare centers and nonprofit organizations are also eligible. However, certain states restrict membership for some governmental entities. Membership qualification is specific to your home state, so verify that your state’s purchasing law allows for the operation of purchasing Co-Ops. This information is available on their website at

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