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Rise On 9th, the premier student apartment building in Columbia, Missouri. A luxury high-rise community that is raising the bar when it comes to off-campus housing. Rise is where premium quality meets refined comfort. Where timeless style meets cutting-edge design.


Featured Project:

Rise On 9th

Columbia, Missouri 

From Above

  • Rise on 9th is the premier student apartment building in Columbia, Missouri. This luxury high-rise community is where premium quality meetings refined comfort, making our Imperial Marquee Canopies the perfect choice to shelter their walkways. 

Project Team


  • (6) Front Entrance Imperial Marquee Overhead Canopies
  • (1) Back Patio Custom-Width Imperial Marquee Overhead Canopy


  • The Rise On 9th pushed our imagination and creativity to new levels. ACI Boland Architecture contacted us early in this project's development, looking for new, stylish, overhead canopies. Our experienced project managers answered this need with the Imperial Marquee Canopy. The Imperial Marquee combines flat, sleek, 8" wide panels with modular, adjustable height gutters & fascia to create a truly beautiful and unique structure in the world of "cookie-cutter" designs.


2 Industrial Drive, Salem, IL 62881

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