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Apache Shelter

The Apache is Americana’s most popular gazebo style shelter, due to the large range of size, style, and color options available. With a six-sided roof and anywhere from one to six posts, the Apache can be customized to add beauty to any outdoor environment, creating both shelter and style in your space.

Americana Outdoors’ patented "W" roofing panel allows our shelters to span twice as far as competitors between posts, making our shelters easily able to shield your park, school, or residential property from weather. The "W" panel uses additional ridges and folds to create a more capable and rigid panel, meaning fewer panels are required to span the same distance as our competitors’ roofing systems. A amount of understructure cuts back on both cost and installation time, offering the best value for both installer and end user.

The components of the Apache can be color coordinated to match any project or outdoor space, allowing it to blend in seamless with existing structures and natural elements. A full list of options can be found here. Additional modifications such as railings and cupolas are available; details can be found here

Additional product information can be found in our product catalog. For frequently asked questions, please consult our FAQ Page.

Americana Outdoors powder coats all of our structure frames through our in-house division, Americana Industrial Finishing , allowing for complete control of the process and less overhead, providing a high-quality product at a competitive price.

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